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At BMB Law Firm providing excellent client service from consultation to case resolution is our top priority. Our mission is to provide high quality representation to get the best possible results for our clients, and keep them informed and empowered during the course of their cases. When you retain our services, you can expect swift and decisive action.

We are dedicated to informing our clients clearly and quickly about the status of a case and how they can protect or exercise their rights right now. At BMB Law Firm, our clients receive attentive and honest service, from consultation to resolution of their cases and every step along the way.

We are proud to provide a warm and inviting environment for our clients, and to have attorneys and staff available to clients and their families beyond usual business hours.

  • Brooke is a great hard working dedicated attorney. Clients need to rest easy and know that she is fighting for their rights. In addition they also need to know that her time is money. No words can explain what our family thinks about Brooke and her team. THEY ARE THE BEST IN THE BUSINESS AND WILL FIGHT FOR WHATS RIGHT!

    Mrs. Velasquez
  • After 4 weeks of trial and 2 years in jail on June 4, 2015 my husband was found NOT GUILTY on all 26 counts against him. The Union County Prosecutor's Office wanted to close a case and were willing to just blame an innocent man. They were willing to distort the facts but Brooke was not going to let that happen.

    Mrs. Velasquez
  • It took 2 years for the Union County Prosecutors office to finally give us a trial date. Trial began in April 2015 and after 3 weeks the Judge declared a mistrial due to additional information that the Prosecutor's office was aware of and only exposed in court. Brooke pushed to get the case back in court right away and after 2 weeks we were back with the new trial in the middle of May 2015. After 4 weeks of trial and 2 years in jail on June 4, 2015 my husband was found NOT GUILTY on all 26 counts against him.

    Mrs. Velasquez
  • I can say without a shadow of a doubt that Brooke is THE ATTORNEY who will get the job done. She will always hold a special place in my heart for helping me get back a part of my life which I thought I had lost!! I am positive that with Brooke by my side, I will never feel isolated or defeated again….she will continue to help light the way for both myself and my children.

    Sheri Casale Brick, NJ
  • I hired Brooke's firm to resolve a matter related to a dispute over the return of personal property. I dealt primarily with Alexander Vays. Alex was professional, thorough and diligent - the matter was resolved within a relatively brief period of time without any undue conflict, which was exactly what I asked for during our initial consultation. There is always a risk in working with lawyers that they will be more concerned with their own agenda or fees than with your concerns as a client. I could not be more pleased with how everything was handled. I would recommend Brooke and her team to anyone dealing with the type of matters handled by her firm.

    Josh Leibner Bridgewater, NJ
  • Brooke became more than just an attorney she is FAMILY FOR LIFE! While on trial our youngest daughter graduated from daycare at Kean College on Friday, May 15, 2015. Brooke took the time out to come to the ceremony with a dozen roses and a teddy bear for our daughter after being in court all day with my husband. This meant so much to our family. Brooke took this case very personal and put 1000% into it.

    Mrs. Velasquez
  • While gathering ALL of the MANY emails from my ex, I had begun to wonder who in the world would EVER read through all of the countless ramblings which he had sent? Brooke and her team accepted the challenge with open arms and I was finally able to breathe a sigh of relief!  All of these issues were now in the hands of a STRONG team of professionals and I was able to regain a portion of my life again without being consumed by such negativity.  Brooke and her team took on both my Family and Civil cases simultaneously.

    Sheri Casale Brick, NJ
  • My experience with Brooke Barnett was based off trust and faith. Brooke epitomizes to me what a client-lawyer relationship should be.I highly encourage anyone in need of professional counsel, to seek Brooke Barnett, and watch this Italian Pit-bull prove your innocence. I'm telling you this from the comfort of my living room as I watch my children play, as opposed to sending it from a jail cell waiting for count time. Thanks, Brooke.

    Dashaun Morris Newark, NJ
  • I know firsthand what facing 81 years in prison does to your spirit. On top of that, when you're wrongly charged of crimes you have not committed. "Self-Defense" is a right that every American possesses, regardless the color of your skin. I chose to invoke that right, but still had to stand trial, and fight for my freedom because I decided to engage in my God-given right. When a lawyer such as Brooke Barnett, believes in your innocence, you have the greatest gift a lawyer can give you – confidence and resilience.

    Dashaun "Jiwe" Morris Newark, NJ
  • Brooke was the mouthpiece which I was never able to be for myself.  The hopes that I had for my children being able to grow up in a stable, peaceful environment had once again come back to me…and it was ALL because Brooke Barnett and her legal team were able to recognize what needed to be done and how unfair things had become for us. I would say to anyone out there looking for legal representation that Brooke Barnett and Associates will always do right by you and fight for you when you cannot fight for yourself!

    Sheri Casale Brick, NJ
  • It feels great when you know you have a lawyer who will not be at rest, will work around the clock, an also include YOU in what is going on in your case until she knows that she has fought to the VERY END TO GRANT YOU BACK YOUR INNOCENCE! Going through trail and being accused of a crime you didn't commit, and not knowing if you will get to live your life with your family is very stressful. Brooke would talk to me regularly and assure me that everything would work out... And it did...WE WON THE CASE AND I AM LIVING PROOF THAT SHE IS A WOMAN OF HER WORD!!!

    Marquet Dorsey Newark, NJ

Brooke M. Barnett, Esq.

Brooke’s connection to the law started in high school. During her senior year, she had her own run in with the law and was exposed to the system for the first time. During this challenging time, Brooke’s life changed for the better when she realized how important the judicial process is. Additionally, Brooke’s father, who passed away in 2005, had completed two out of three years of law school and then dropped out; being an attorney was not only Brooke’s dream but an unfinished dream of her fathers.

As a litigator of the law, Brooke is most comfortable in front of a jury. She started her trial career as a criminal attorney, litigating cases in both the state and federal sectors. As her litigation experience advanced, her career expanded to other legal forums such as civil courts and family courts.

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Brooke’s favorite part of being a lawyer is having the ability and the power to be a check on the system; to make sure that ALL of the players play by the rules provided by the United States Constitution. The most rewarding part of her job is when her client gets a second chance at life after a jury finds him not guilty; when her clients’ family is rewarded with a large settlement to make their lives easier; or when a mother or father is granted custody of their child.

Mag Voelkel
PR Princess & Business Partner

“Besides clever advertising, I strongly believe in word of mouth. When your firm is strong and you treat clients well, they will never forget you.”

-Mag Voelkel

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