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In the state of New Jersey, assault constitutes any effort to intentionally inflict bodily harm or violence on another human being. However in New Jersey, as well as some other states, assault also includes acts that perpetuate the fear of violence in an individual. While it is sometimes hard to prove the latter, circumstances and reason will determine the likelihood of this posed violence.

Assault is broken down into two categories primarily based on the extremity of the harm done to the victim. Simple assault may be charged only as a misdemeanor and includes less severe violence and minimal bodily harm. Aggravated assault is defined as violence performed with a deadly weapon, or violence that results in severe injuries and hospitalization.

In both simple and aggravated assault, it is wise of the defendant to have a criminal defense lawyer. Lawyers will have the capability to prove whether the assault was at all provoked, whether it was a matter of self-defense, etc. At BMB Law Firm, we have the capacity to defend clients against the following branches of assault:

Simple Assault Assault Against Disabled Assault Against Protected Class
Aggravated Assault Assault Against Elderly

Contact us today at BMB Law Firm if you have been accused of any form of assault, or have any questions regarding assault. Our experienced legal team will do our best to give you answers you need as well as representation you can count on.

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