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A civil rights case against the State of New Jersey and Township of Irvington for unlawful use of excessive force resulting in death by officers of the Irvington Police Department. BMB Law Firm represented the Estate of D.A. on behalf of the deceased, who was shot and killed on the street by police. D.A. did not commit any crimes and was only approached based upon a physical description given by an informant of unknown reliability. At the time he was shot four times, D.A. was unarmed, running away, and posing no threat.

: A civil rights case against the city of Elizabeth as a result of the unlawful use of excessive force by officers of the Elizabeth police department. The police were radioed due to a large fight outside of Malibu Club. BMB Law Firm represented E.D., who attempted to flee the area when someone in the crowd shouted “gun!” Confronted by police, he was beaten by fists, batons, and pepper spray, suffering serious physical injury.


A civil rights case against the county and doctor for failure to protect an inmate from serious bodily harm and provide adequate medical care. BMB Law Firm represented M.V., who was assaulted by a fellow inmate. At the time of the attack, M.V. was bleeding profusely and could barely speak. After only brief examinations, the staff kept M.V. in general population. M.V. was forced to complain about his injuries in order to see the doctor. He was negligently denied proper and timely medical care resulting in severe, permanent injuries.



A slip and fall case against a building owner as a result of negligent failure to maintain the safety of the premises. BMB Law Firm represented S.G., who slipped on an icy walkway and suffered severe, permanent injuries that rendered him permanently disabled.

This case overcame summary judgment, meaning the court found a jury could reasonably find in our favor. Equally important, this case also overcame a motion to dismiss, meaning we succeeded at putting forth all the elements required for the cause of action against defendants.   

A slip and fall case against an incorporation as a result of negligently failing to remove accumulated snow and ice on the property. BMB Law Firm represented K.J., who slipped on a walkway and suffered serious physical injuries as well as loss of mobility.

A personal injury case against individuals as a result of a motor vehicle accident. BMB Law Firm represented A.G., who was in the passenger seat of a vehicle that was struck by another vehicle running a red light. A.G. suffered several serious injuries to his head, neck, and chest.

A personal injury case against individuals and their insurance company. BMB Law Firm represented G.E., a sixty-year-old male who was struck by a vehicle while he was crossing the street. G.E. lost consciousness and obtained multiple rib fractures, a clavicular fracture, a collapsed lung, and other injuries.

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