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Drug cases can imply a wide range of penalties based on the drugs involved, the amount in possession, and the history of the client. Our staff of professionals is highly experienced when it comes to handling drug cases, and will prepare our clients for realistic consequences. For repeat offenders it it less likely that probation and community service will satisfy as a penalty. However for first time drug offenders, a lighter sentence or deferred prosecution is highly possible.

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Nowadays laws surrounding marijuana are loosening in certain parts of the country. However stringent laws regarding other drugs still persist. Our law office will fight for the fairest outcome possible for your given situation. We promise to engage in a fight for the diversion program and for the prosecution to accurately define the circumstantial possession. BMB Law Firm will work and strategize to reduce sentencing.

We will explore the possible defenses: 

Illegal search and seizure Drugs were planted Entrapment

Handling case preparation and execution is not where our assistance ends. We want our clients to stay out of trouble and on the right path post trial, and will similarly do our best to set clients up in drug court. Our relationship is one that is meant to last.

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