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Murder is one of the most severe charges in our judicial system. Murder, the killing of another human being, can be classified in a number of ways. First to define is what constitutes a “murder”. To have murdered someone there has to have been direct action and malicious intent. Signs of malice include reckless, even vengeful behavior that signals the person intended on ending the life of another.

Murder is also classified into first and second degree. First degree murder is a killing that has been premeditated or involved simultaneously with another felony. To be premeditated there is usually signs of planning, waiting, kidnapping, etc.  Second degree murder is less severe as it is obvious the murder was not planned. However the killing was likely a result of a physical altercation.

BMB Law Firm specializes in all classifications of murder, representing those accused of killing or aiding in the killing of another human being. Sentences for murder can be as severe as the death penalty or life in prison. Thus, having an attorney to represent you is not a choice, but a necessity.

We will explore the following possible defenses:

Self-defense Self-defense of others Accident
Duress Insanity  Mistaken Identity
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