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The basics of robbery include taking property of an individual without their consent. Simple theft can usually be charged as only a misdemeanor, especially if the value of the stolen property is minimal. However the charge becomes much more serious when one of two things happen. First if the value of the possession is very high. Stealing a diamond ring from the jewelry store will certainly accompany a much heftier punishment than stealing a candy bar from the local convenience shop.

The second factor to consider in matters of theft, is if the robber was carrying a weapon. This is where the term armed robbery originates. In cases where a weapon was threatened to be used, or actually used against a victim, serious consequences can be very likely for a defendant. In fact, prison time has high possibility especially when physical harm and other charges become involved in the robbery.

These serious charges suggest why hiring the help of a criminal defense lawyer is so important. Here are a couple of defense paths that may be used when defending against a robbery charge:

Involuntary Intoxication Entrapment Duress
Voluntary Intoxication Lack of Proof

Contact us today if you or anyone you know has been charged with robbery. Our criminal defense team will be with you every step of the way, coaching you through the legal process and formulating your best defense.

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