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Defendants are not always satisfied with the outcome of an initial trial. However, very soon after a sentencing, a defendant has the opportunity to appeal to a higher court for review of his/her case. For instances such as these, a criminal defense lawyer is imperative. Without being fully aware of legal rights, and legitimacy of certain legal errors in the first trial, an appeal will not be considered.

There are three levels in the appeals process. These levels occur in sequential order and each will focus in on different elements to the case. The first level is in the Law Division of the Superior Court of New Jersey, which will focus on municipal court ruling. The second level of appeal will take place in the Appellate Court of the New Jersey Superior Court of New Jersey. The final level in the appeals court will take place in the Supreme Court of New Jersey.

In an appeal, the defense is required to prove how legal mistakes affected either the jury’s decision or the sentencing. Thus, the defense is asking for the case to be one of three things: dismissed, re-tried, or re-sentenced.

When you are dissatisfied with a ruling, you are entitled to the right of appeal. The right lawyer will argue for your right to appeal and to fight alongside you in the process. Let our office fight for you.

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