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Carjacking is a branch of robbery that involves stealing a vehicle from another individual using force or threat. Prior to the 1990’s cars were typically only stolen when the driver of the vehicle was not present. But as carjacking became more and more popular, the government was forced to develop a law particular to robbing a vehicle with the owner present.

The charge is often tried at both a state and federal level. And because of this a strong, reliable defense must be developed to stand trial in both courts of law. Thus, an experienced, dependable criminal defense lawyer is very necessary when it comes to this type of crime.

Carjacking is a serious offense because it often accompanies other charges. To remove someone from their vehicle, the accused may often cause injury or even commit murder to get access to the now stolen vehicle. Our legal counsel will do more than just defend against an accused individual’s carjacking charge. We will defend against the following charges as well that typically accompany carjacking:

Assault Attempted Murder Murder
Menacing Manslaughter

If you or anyone you know is under investigation regarding a carjacking incident, give us a call immediately. We will advise you on the immediate legal steps to take, as well as when and how to best communicate with law enforcers. Don’t hesitate to call, we’re on your side.

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