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The definition of arson has expanded over the years. Arson traditionally referred to the deliberate burning of a person’s home or dwelling. Now the term arson encompasses the deliberate burning of any property, buildings, or land. And this is regardless of whether people are inhabiting the building or not.

Arson charges vary upon degree ranging from first degree to fifth degree, fifth being the least significant in terms of penalty and danger. While a first degree charge of arson could potentially include something as severe as burning a car with an individual inside of it. In the more serious arson charges, other crimes are likely to accompany the charge.

Intentional burning of property or land can be for a variety of reasons. Whether the arson is committed as a means to collect insurance money, to harm another individual, or to cover up another crime, our law office is prepared to handle whatever your case may be.

We are fully versed in the potential punishments of committing arson, as well as the elements that constitute the charge. They are as follows:

Intention Direct or Indirect Explosives
Recklessness Damage to Property

We are fully aware that each arson case is different and will treat every case as such. While all of our clients’ cases will be an examined with a unique analytic eye, all will be given an unbeatable defense. Contact us today for representation in an arson case, as well as any other criminal defense case.

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