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Regardless of what type of action is bringing you to Family Court, your well being, as well as the well being of your loved ones, is at stake. Do not hesitate to contact BMB Law Firm for a comprehensive consultation.

If you are being victimized by a former or current spouse or partner (including cohabitants, father or mother of child, etc.), you are not alone and you should not have to live in fear. BMB Law Firm provides a supportive, constructive environment to make you comfortable providing us with all the facts we need to protect you and your rights. Having a lawyer you can trust and depend on to navigate the system for you can make all the difference in assuring you receive the protection under the law that you need for peace of mind.

Unfortunately, many people find themselves wrongfully accused of domestic violence. The underlying offenses alleged in a domestic violence action, like an application for a temporary restraining order, are, indeed, criminal in nature. A domestic violence accusation can evolve into a formal criminal charge, with all the associated ramifications on your life and your reputation. Additionally, domestic violence actions can have far reaching implications for child custody and support and divorce actions. Do not wait to retain an attorney to represent you in these actions!

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