STATE V. C.G. (2016)

A mechanic for New Jersey Transit and former United States Military officer, was charged with attempted murder, terroristic threats and aggravated assault.  The alleged victim was also an employee of NJ Transit and had been in a previous dating relationship with C.G.  On the night in question C.G. had went out and ended back at the alleged victim’s apartment.  The alleged victim became hysterical and refused to allow C.G. to leave her apartment, by taking his phone and standing in front of her apartment door.  Ultimately, C.G. was able to escape and when running out the apartment door, the alleged victim ran directly behind him and was ultimately hit with the metal door and sustained serious injuries.  Prior to the alleged victim calling 911, she called C.G. more then forty times and when he refused to come back to her apartment, she then called 911.  She falsely accused C.G. of strangulation and other acts of domestic violence.  At the time of trial and through fierce cross examination BMB was able to point out that the injuries sustained were not consistent with what the alleged victim had testified too; specifically, there was no evidence of strangulation.  Ultimately, the jury found that the State failed to prove their case beyond a reasonable doubt and had found that whatever injury was sustained was an accident.


C.G. was found NOT GUILTY of all counts and is now in the process of getting his job back with NJ Transit.

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