STATE V. C.G. (2016)

In Union County, C.G. was accused by his two step daughters of sexual assault and other heinous crimes.   The two stepdaughters alleged that this happened four to eight years prior to coming forward.  After being falsely accused, C.G. not only spent two and a half years in the county jail awaiting trial, but had been precluded from seeing his biological daughter, because of the nature of the allegations.  The mother of his biological daughter was also the mothers of the two stepdaughters and had been the driving force in coming forward and falsely accusing C.G.  While sitting in jail, C.G.’s biological daughter had been told that her father had left the U.S. to live in another country.

In closing arguments, BMB stressed to the jury that not only do children not always tell the truth but that jury could not ignore the motive behind the alleged victims mother and ex-lover of C.G.  Leading up to C.G.’s false arrest, there had been a custody battle between C.G. and the mother of C.G.’s biological daughter.

Less then 90 minutes of deliberation, the jury found C.G. NOT GUILTY of all counts.  C.G. is now going to be able to reunite with his biological daughter, who is now 9 years old.


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