State v. D. M.

Conspiracy & Attempted Murder Trial: NOT GUILTY

“An injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.” Under the law, a person attacked with deadly force has the right to defend himself with equal force. Two men approached Mr. Morris and pointed a gun at him. Thinking only of his family and his life, he grabbed for the gun and struggled with his attackers when it happened – the gun went off. And in that moment, his nightmare began: a victim of random violence, he now found himself defending against attempted murder and associated charges. Facing up to 81 years behind bars if convicted, Mr. Morris put his future in the hands of Ms. Barnett and a jury of his peers. After a three week trial, Mr. Morris was acquitted of all charges. Trial proceedings for State v. Dashaun Morris were captured on film for the Sundance Channel’s ongoing documentary about Newark, New Jersey, “BRICK CITY.” For more information on this case, please see: Police ID 3 arrested in shooting outside Montclair Chinese restaurant

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